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07 Feb 2018

Nusa Penida has many interesting destination, people says Nusa Penida is the hidden paradise in Bali. A perfect place to find a land of adventure, to discover the ultimate beauty of limestone hill, white sand beach, giant sea cliff, and underwater aquatic life. Nusa Penida is an island located in the south-east and about 20 km from from Bali island . It takes 30 - 45 minutes to travel from Sanur Harbor Bali to Nusa Penida with fastboat class cruise

You need some preparation like adjusting time and budget available to fully enjoy Nusa Penida tour. At least 3 days is needed to spent and explore every destination in the island. Here we’ll describe every must-visit destination in Nusa Penida :

1. Crystal Bay

One of a must-visit destination if you want to travel or take a tour in Nusa Penida, a white sand beach located in Banjar Penida, west to Sakti Village, a northwest coastal area straight to Nusa Ceningan. This is the sanctuary of every snorkeler because of its crystal clear water and the beauty of its underwater life. 

Crystal Bay also well known to be a home for rare Mola Mola fish / Sunfish, a big and gentle fish with maximum length of 4 meter, that come in the surface from June to November. Don’t miss that period if you want to experience a rare encounter with Mola Mola. 

Not only popular with its underwater life, Crystal Bay also a great place to enjoy the romantic sunset in the island. You can find many small shop or cafe along the coastal area to accompany your relax time when the night slowly comes.

About Mola Mola

One of unique things in Nusa Penida is you can encounter the rare Mola Mola or Sunfish. This majestic creature can grow until 4 meter long, and gain weight from 1 to 2,5 ton. It usually comes to the surface in June to November every year.

Its round and weird shape makes people called it a sunfish, because it resembles a fish head with a tail, and its main body is flattened laterally. It knowns to usually basking in the surface, presenting its largest profile to the sun, researcher believes it may be a method of "thermally recharging" to prepare its diving into deeper sea.

Mola mola has high curiosity on its surrounding, that makes it usually swim near diver or snorkeler and maybe trying to play together. It’s not dangerous to be near it because Mola Mola has gentle behaviour and only eats jellyfish and seaweed.

2. Broken Beach and Angel's Billabong

Broken Beach (Pasih Uwug) is located in West Nusa Penida and formed from an old cave that destroyed by the wave, left to a new shape like a bridge above the sea. An instagram-able destination that you should not skip if you take Nusa Penida tour because you can see the beautiful sea scenery from it. Sometimes (if you are very very lucky) you can see a giant manta ray swim across the sea below its cliff bridge. The waters around Broken Beach is also a perfect place for diving and swim with giant manta ray. You can find many diving provider with vary price around there to guide you to meet the giant manta ray.

Angel's Billabong is another great place to visit, locate about 200 meter from Broken Beach, a huge tide pool in the rock cliff near the open sea. It’s fully covered with sea when the tide comes, but it will left a nice view natural lagoon when the tide is low and you can swim or just floating on it. The open sea view is absolutely great for taking picture because it will make the effect like you take a picture in the sea surface. Simply put, an absolute beauty.

3. Kelingking Beach

Other destination that you have to visit in West Nusa Penida is Kelingking Beach, kelingking (pinkie finger) or other people said dinosaur shaped cape. White sand beach meets blue ocean from bird view is the most interesting spot you can see and take picture from the cliff. Unfortunately, you can’t go to the beach because it’s located far below the cliff. You have to cross the steep and dangerous footpath to go there, so local resident set the dangerous sign board and forbid the guest to go for safety. 

Near the cliff, you can visit another photo spot called Love Tree where you can take a picture above the tree branch and blue sky background. Feel the sea breeze and sensation of being closer to the sky when you take a pose in this spot.

Kelingking beach often used as transit location for anyone who takes Nusa Penida tour before going to another destination. You can find many traditional cafe or street vendor that sell food and beverage. Kelingking Beach also used for having lunch when you take Half Day package of Nusa Penida Tour.

4. Atuh Beach

In the east Nusa Penida, far from the crowd, you can find another hidden paradise called Atuh Beach. It needs some effort to go to this paradise where gentle waves and white sanded beach meet because you have to cross a little footpath between cliff and chasm. The wave is calm here because the beach issurrounded by some giant sea cliff like a barrier. You can play in the water or just lying on the sand, but don’t forget to take a picture on its best spot, a barrier of giant cliff. Because it’s located far from Penida Harbor, this place can only be reached if you take overnight package of Nusa Penida Tour.

5. Molenteng Hills (Tree House, Seribu Island)

Located near Atuh Beach in Eastern Penida, Molenteng Hills is worth destination to be mentioned. Here you can see the beauty of giant cliffs in the blue open sea and take it as your photo background. There are 2 unique spots to take a picture, Tree House and and Seribu Island. You can see the beauty of the ocean form the highest point of the cliff, the Tree House itself. The tree house is also available for rent if you want a new experience of sleeping in the wild. If you take Nusa Penida tour package, you are free to take as many pictures as you want here.

Another spot is Seribu Island, that isn’t actually an island to discover, but a photo spot with many giant sea cliff as a background. You need to pass a traditional stairs made from sand and limestone to enjoy the scenery. It’s known to be an adventurous spot because you need some effort, courage, and extra energy. But don’t worry because all the effort will be paid with its magnificence beauty.

6. Teletubies Hills

Among limestone hill and reef in east Penida, you can find brilliant green paradise called Teletubies Hills. It’s named after the hills where Teletubies, a serial tv for kids, lives. Because the hills is covered with green meadow, rainy season is the best time to visit this place. Your eyes and heart will be cleansed with its green view. Many people use this place as pre-wedding photoshoot site.  

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